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Non Woven Textured Wallpaper

Non-woven pure paper with excellent quality,not only has the advantage of environmental protection and permeability of non-woven paper,but also the pattern appears colorful as on pure paper.

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Pogare nonvowen wallpaper, American wild natural scenery combined with modern industrial cold lines creates the natural, fresh,comfortable and simple aesthetic pursuit.The Phoenix Dancing version skillfully adopts the nostalgic and natural elements of American style, alternately using exaggeration and subtle colors to creat a warm and peaceful home feelings.It invites you to share the fresh and simple afternoon time at the beginning of summer.

Collection Name: Phoenix Dancing 

Collection number.:   NO.22

Collection Style:  Fresh and Simple American Style

Product Specification:  0.53*10M

Material: 150% non-woven pure paper

Process: printing+Imitation of flexo printing+sprinkling gold ornament process

Packaging: 12roll/carton  Carton dimension: 32*24*55cm

Suitable Place:  Living room,bedroom,dining room,study room,background walls


Adopts the imitation of flexo printing process that makes the slurry flowing into a stream of water wave on the pattern,and combined with the quietly elegant or full-bodied tone to add the sense of concave-convex stereoscopic.

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