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Antifungal Wallpaper Paste

Strong Viscosity Textile Wallcovering Paste, suitable for all kinds of thick wallcovering and wallpaper, especially for wall cloth.

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This product is applied for pasting a variety of heavyweight wallcovering and wallpaper. It’s applicable to all kinds of thick wallcovering and wallpaper, especially for textile composite wall cloth, glass fiber wall cloth and quartz wall cloth.

Product features: This product has the multiple advantages of easy construction, high adhesive and quick drying.

Scope of application: It’s applicable to all kinds of porous absorbent wall.

Construction method: 

Stir glue before using, then directly brush the product on the right location of wall cloth back, and then drive out the air and extra glue with brush.


1. This product should be used in the circumstance of temperature above 5 ℃, relative humidity below 75%

2. This product can be removed by clean water before drying.

Technic Data:






1.0 kg / L


200 – 275 g / m2

Construction Time

5 – 15 minute (depend on temperature and relative humidity)

Storage: above 5 ℃, in cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Net Weight: 2 kg

Shelf life: 12 months

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