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Primer for Wallpaper Glue

Primer for Wallpaper Glue

Wisdom Garefu primer for various kinds of metope, specially added with Nano-silver, It’s a functional primer product for wallpaper, to protect you and your family healthy!

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Item No:  GM0501


◆Added with Nano-silver;

◆Film quickly, long lasting and durable;

◆Excellent sealing capacity, moisture- proof;

◆Widely used for various kinds of metope.


1. Dilution:

Add 30%~70% water for dilution per Liter(as per the wall absorption and climatic conditions).

2. Coverage:

15~25sm/L( actual cover area depends on metope roughness and water absorption)

3. Drying time:       

2hs for surface drying, and 24h for complete drying.

4. Applying:

Directly for brushing, coating, and spraying on the wall. 


1. Make sure the metope solid, dry, smooth and oil-free.

2. Best construction temperature of metope: 5℃-40℃

Safety and precaution:

1. Close container after each use.

2. Keep out of reach of Children.

3. Pls wear with protective glasses when use, wash immediately with fresh water and  consult a physician if necessary.

4. Product trash disposal should be confirm to local environmental standard.

Application of scope: Suitable for various kinds of metope( suck like putty powder metope, light and heavy calcium porous wall and composite mortar wall ect)

Storage: Put in dry and ventilated place, 5°C ~30°C

Packaging: 24 Bottles/Carton

Expiration Date: 12 months

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