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Vinyl Adhesive for Wallpaper

Natural sticky rice glue, approved SVHC certificates and confirms to MSDS, suitbale for all kinds of wallpaper, widely used in home and high-end villa decoration.

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Product advantages

*Non-toxic,  Eco-friendly

*Easy for mixing

*High viscosity

*Widely use

Main composition

Sticky Rice Glue: sticky rice Starch, waxy corn starch, water and NaCl.

Key Products Performance Indicators 



Solid content:21~23% 

Character of Product

Ivory (or yellowish) colloid shape; slightly starch taste; PH: weak acid; translucent after drying  


This kind of glue adopted starch as material, with strong viscosity, we suggest to add appropriate water quantity by 1~2 times and stir clockwise for fully dilution.

Add 400~800ml water for the 1st time, do not add too much water(total adding water amount is 1~2.4kg, total dilution time is about 10 minutes) 

Caution:Ratio glue and water can be adjusted according to actual needs, but should not higher than 1:1.2

Dissolved ratio


Ratio water : glue

Construction area

Common weight wallpaper


15-20 ㎡/bag(2KG/bag)

Heavy weight wallpaper


10-15 ㎡/bag(2KG/bag)

Note:  Above proportions are for your reference and can be adjusted according to actual needs and requirements.

Application:Suitable for all kinds of wallpaper and wall cloth, especially pure paper wallpaper, golden foil wallpaper


Best storage condition:In 5~30℃ cool and dry environment, Protect froom frost and direct sun exposure.

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