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Bamboo Charcoal Rice Paste

Nature Bamboo charcoal factor to purify the air, no any hazardous substance addition

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Garefu Bamboo charcoal rice paste adopted green edible starch as raw material, contains natural bamboo charcoal factor , no any hazardous addictive. It can effectively to get rid of free formaldehyde in the air, benzene, purify the air, to create a fresh and safety living environment.

Product features:

* Top grade edible starch as material

* Convenient for construction

* Strong adhesion

*High efficiency to get rid of formaldehyde

Scope of application: It’s applicable to all kinds of wallpaper, wallcloth

Usage Method:

Step1: Add water by 3times, total amount is 1.5KG~3KG

Step2: Pour 20% water at the 1st time, evenly mixing, pour 30% water at the 2nd time, stirring again,  pour the rest of water and make sure glue and water fully dilution then it’s ready for applying, total placing time is 10~15minutes.

Tech Data:

Product capacity

Traditional Japanese glue

Garefu lavender glue

Viscosity( ratio glue:water=1:1)



Solid content



Coverage: 24~30sqm/barrel

Net weight: 3KG

Storage: 5 ℃<storage temperature<30℃, put in cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Shelf life: 24months

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