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About Moldy Wallpaper
Sep 17, 2018

1, the wall itself moldy, this reason is relatively small, we will often see the wall is not affixed wallpaper, but the wall is moldy, that is, the wall itself will produce moldy phenomenon. So the wallpaper moldy, naturally also with the wall mold has a relationship.

But this is a relatively small cause.

2, wallpaper gum deterioration caused mildew, black This kind of problem mainly is on the glue powder. This glue dries for a long time. After we pasted the wallpaper, we closed the window for three or four days. In fact, a lot of glue at this time can not be dry at all. Even a month can not completely dry, this time there will be a problem, the starch inside the long-term in the humid environment, it is easy to degenerate, black, moldy.

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