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The problem of edge warping of wallpaper glue
Sep 17, 2018

1, construction problems, this link is mainly in the workers brush gum uneven.

The current construction market, after the sale is by the construction workers to solve their own, so many workers in the construction can avoid brush glue unevenness. 2, wallpaper gum problem. Adhesive strength is enough, the service life is not long. Cohesive force is not enough, the time has long natural to tilt the edge of the corner. Many people have lived in hotels, often meet the hotel's wallpaper will be warped edge, in fact, not because of construction or wallpaper problems, many reasons are on the gum above. We all know that the decoration period of the hotel than the family decoration cycle to short, but still appear this problem, the problem is on the glue. Engineering glue is the most inexpensive glue in the market, that is, a group of homemade glue and glue powder.

But if you choose to import the barrels, this kind of problem can be greatly reduced.

3, wallpaper Follow-up maintenance problems.

4, the wall waterproof did not do a good job, the wall moisture appears powder phenomenon, glue loses the adhesion force.

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