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Introduction of glutinous rice gum
Sep 17, 2018

Japan wet Glue, is a wallpaper dedicated high-performance next agent, it was the first in Japan to rise and into other regions, so in line also known as "Japan Gum."

Wet gum with its production of raw materials, can be divided into glutinous rice gum and plant starch gum two kinds. glutinous rice Gum combines the technology of Japan's cutting-edge chemical Research Institute, and by the domestic high-tech research institute to upgrade the results of the formula, is a pure natural edible glutinous rice as the main raw material, it is also a convenient use of pure natural glutinous rice adhesive, glue only add water stirring evenly can be used, no need to add additional adhesive paste.

Superior performance when pasting heavy wallpaper. Starch Adhesive fusion of Japan's leading Chemical research Institute of Technology results, to modified starch (after the chemical modification of starch, its environmental degree naturally no natural glutinous rice gum good) as the main raw materials, the current market sales of "glutinous rice gum" product is mainly such products, because of its production of raw materials do not have the ingredients of glutinous rice, also known as the industry

Pseudo glutinous rice gum ", this kind of" pseudo glutinous rice gum "most of the translucent colloidal shape, due to the production process added a lot of" thickening agent ", and lead to the construction is not easy to adjust, generally divided into 2-3 times water. In fact, the earliest use of glutinous rice as building materials is China, the Great Wall of the wall between the white is glutinous rice, after the baptism of n years is still standing, Shanghai Waitan Building reform is also used to replace cement with glutinous rice, is to make an ancient Chinese mortar performance super strong root cause. The researchers also found that the mortar remains the best material for existing restoration of ancient buildings. A mortar is a paste used to fill a gap between bricks, stones, and other building materials. Zhang Bing, a Chinese scientist and colleague, found that some 1500 years ago, construction workers in ancient China invented the super strength "glutinous rice mortar" by mixing glutinous rice soup with standard mortar.

  The standard mortar composition is cooked lime, which is calcined or heated to a high temperature and then placed in the water limestone. glutinous rice mortar may be the world's first composite mortar made of organic and inorganic materials. glutinous rice Mortar has greater strength and water resistance than pure lime mortar, and Zhang Bing Sword also considers it one of the greatest technological innovations in history. Construction workers use sticky rice mortar to build tombs, pagodas, walls, some of which exist today.

  Some of the old buildings are very sturdy, and even modern bulldozers are hard to pull down, and they can withstand a very strong earthquake. Later, the Japanese learned the technology, but also proved the essence of China.

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