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The Development Prospect Of Primer
Sep 17, 2018

In the 2008, the overall economic operation quality of China's coatings industry has been greatly improved, the market continues to focus on large enterprises, brand enterprises, industry profitability and anti-risk capabilities, the overall appearance of benign development posture. The financial crisis has affected our country's real economy. From the second half of 2008, the coating industry appeared in the upstream and downstream demand reduction, production shrinkage of the adverse situation is gradually spreading, paint manufacturers have felt the grim economic situation brought about by the survival crisis. Facing the difficult economic situation, our government has successively issued a series of support policies, which provides a strong guarantee for stimulating domestic demand and ensuring the smooth operation of the economy. Judging from the announced government investment plans, the opportunities related to the coatings industry are mainly in the areas of infrastructure construction such as transportation and transportation, the construction of Western telecom power grids, post-disaster reconstruction in Sichuan disaster areas and the construction of urban and rural affordable housing.

These are undoubtedly for the "winter" paint enterprises have brought the development of hope. After entering the 2009, China's coatings industry faces four development opportunities: Rural market, automotive coatings, Home Appliance coatings, World Expo and Asian Games, old room renovation. Therefore, the interior wall coating industry has a broad space for growth.

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