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Role Of Primer
Sep 17, 2018

When brushing the wall, sometimes we will encounter some small trouble, such as paint when the wall absorbs too fast, latex paint can not brush the size of the predetermined area, paint soon after the problem of discoloration, and even the appearance of film peeling, block, mold, often make us feel helpless.

This is because the room regardless of the new wall or the old wall, will be due to excessive water with alkaline problems, especially in humid environment, is the root cause of impact on the quality of the paint surface.

And the effect of the primer is: 1. Closed: Some wall surface alkaline, by moisture, water and other soaked to produce alkali flower, scientific name "pan-alkali", this situation caused the surface of the film to form a crater-like projection, serious when the surface of the film to form a layer of alkali cream, the final paint film destruction. Latex Paint Primer can act as a seal to alleviate this situation.

But if your house wall is relatively dry, and the floor is higher, there is no possibility of problems, but it is recommended that you use, insurance. 2. Adhesion: High emulsion content in primer, strong adhesion.

It can improve the adhesion between latex paint film and wall surface.

3. Fill: If your wall is alkaline and relatively flat, you can not use the primer, of course, used better. Brushing a coat of paint before brushing a layer of primer can not only save the cost of decoration, from the long-term and decorative effect, brushing primer more than the advantages of multiplier. At the same time, good primer adhesion makes the wall more smooth, so that the surface paint easier to brush, reducing the use of topcoat. As a result, the wall surface avoids the paint sickness, but also facilitates the longer time to maintain the brushing effect.

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