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The Concept Of Primer
Sep 17, 2018

A primer is a coating that is applied directly to the surface of an object as a solid base for a topcoat. It is required to attach firmly on the material surface to increase the adhesion of the upper coating and improve the decorative property of the topcoat.

According to the coating requirements can be divided into the primer, two-line primer and so on.

The more commonly used primers are:

1. Iron Red Cathode electrophoresis primer: The paint film has good adhesion and corrosion resistance, more superior than the anode electrophoresis primer, suitable for metal parts primer, especially for steel products primer. 2. New metal Anti-corrosion primer: The paint is fast drying, strong adhesion, good mechanical properties, its oil resistance, rust-proof and corrosion resistance.

Mainly used in a variety of automotive body, carriages and parts of the bottom coating.

3. Phosphating Primer: Primer for essential substrates. 4. Amino Alkyd Primer: for intermediate coating.

Apply to the coated bottom paint and polished smooth putty layer, to fill the putty layer of sand holes and wrinkles.

5. New type of wood sealing primer: Suitable for wood sealing primer, decoration and architectural coatings.

6. New Metal Primer: For the metal surface of the bottom.

7. New Zinc-rich primer: used in the shipyard underwater metal surface coating and chemical anti-corrosion metal bottom.

8. Iron Red Alkyd Resin primer: Used for coating on the steel surface with a more uniform rust layer.

9. Rubber Alkyd Primer: Brushed or painted on the treated metal surface.

10. Zinc Yellow Polyurethane Primer: Suitable for the bottom finishing of railways, bridges and various metal equipment.

11. Acrylic/Epoxy Primer: With good salt spray resistance, heat resistance and good mechanical properties, the metal surface has good adhesion, can be excellent antirust primer.

12. New phenolic oxygen pre-coating primer: Used in mechanical vehicles, equipment, shipbuilding and other industries.

13. Epoxy Resin Primer: Suitable for coating light metal surface.

14. New Asphalt Ship Primer: Applicable to the underwater part of the ship bottom, but also for the aluminum powder asphalt ship primer and asphalt antifouling paint between the isolation layer.

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