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How To Use Wallpaper Glue Powder
Oct 23, 2018

The wallpaper glue powder is mainly made of potato starch and high-performance plant cellulose. It is extracted by low-carbon environmental protection technology. The product is white flake powder, soluble in cold water, and the aqueous solution is milky white viscous glue. It is the building decoration industry glue. Very few biodegradable products in sticky products, no formaldehyde, completely non-toxic, harmless, green and healthy products. The application viscosity is twice that of ordinary rubber powder, which can effectively improve the wallpaper adhesion and prevent the wallpaper from yellowing. Defects such as cracking and warping. It is specially added with natural anti-fungal factors that are harmless to the human body, and is highly effective against mildew and antibacterial. It is not necessary to mix with the glue during construction.

Specific use method:

1. Make sure the tool is clean before preparation;

2. Add 4~5 kg of water to the container according to actual needs;

3. Slowly pour the rubber powder and start to stir evenly. Stir it for 2~3 minutes while stirring.

4. After being fully stirred and then placed for 10~15 minutes, the best use effect can be achieved.

MC glue powder

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