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The Change Of Home Decoration Concept Promotes The Development Of Wallpaper Industry
Feb 04, 2019

With the change of home decoration idea in domestic market, light decoration and heavy decoration have gradually become the important direction of home decoration for terminal consumers. The change of light decoration and heavy decoration idea also has a great impact on wallpaper industry. Wallpaper industry is also growing, and has a tendency to break hands with paint industry.

The appearance of wallpaper products a year ago posed a great threat to traditional coatings. However, the disadvantage of quality, service life and price war make Chinese wallpaper market suffer from development pains. However, with consumers'attention to home soft-fitting, wallpaper industry has gradually got rid of the continuous situation, and the development is also a big step forward.

Market share is rising steadily

In recent years, driven by famous wallpaper or wallpaper enterprises, the market share of wallpaper industry has gradually increased from a low of 3% to 8%. According to data released by IGI International Wallpaper Association, China and North America grew the most in global wallpaper consumption in 2008, up 20% year-on-year. However, China consumes only 0.3 square meters of wallpaper per capita, compared with 5.4 square meters in Japan.

Rapid growth and considerable market potential make many domestic wallpaper enterprises begin to look forward to the development prospects of wallpaper industry. Industry insiders believe that China's wallpaper market share should account for more than 70% - 80%.

Energy saving and environmental protection is the biggest selling point

In recent years, under the guidance of the trend of green environmental protection and returning to the true, people increasingly advocate natural decorations. In the aspect of wall decoration materials, the widely used but not environmentally friendly adhesive wallpaper has been gradually abandoned, and wallpaper products made of natural materials have been favored.

The rising wallpaper market is impending the paint industry crisis

Under this circumstance, it is logical that wallpaper products with environmental protection function are selling well. With the promotion of enterprises and consumers, the energy-saving and environmental protection road of wallpaper products is becoming clear gradually, and it has become an important direction of wallpaper industry development.

Wallpaper industry in China develops rapidly

At present, the quality, color, variety, grade and function of wallpaper in China are comparable to those of foreign wallpapers and have reached the international advanced level. First of all, the environmental protection performance is superior. The results of the national compulsory spot check in 2008 also show that 89% of the products meet the international green environmental protection requirements. With the wide application of natural environmental protection materials, wallpaper has become a real low-carbon product.

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