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Main points of purchase of non-woven wallpaper
Sep 17, 2018

First, we need to know the practical and aesthetic reasons for non-woven wallpaper, it is necessary to know its material. and non-woven wallpaper, the use of pure natural plant fiber made, so its most basic feature is natural and environmental protection.

Consumers of natural, environmental protection products are very sensitive, and non-woven wallpaper also just have the two points directly affect the health of consumers is an important link, so this is why non-woven wallpaper prices are still many people buy the main reason. Second, because non-woven wallpaper is processed with plant fiber wallpaper, so it is very good breathability, it is called "Breathing wallpaper." Natural plant fiber inside will have a lot of breathable little hole, and pure plant fiber in the pores emitted out of the breath, is the most natural and fresh, so, this is the consumer think of the non-woven wallpaper After the bedroom life becomes more fresh, brighter reasons. For other kinds of wallpaper, many of them do not have the characteristics of breathability.

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