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Construction method of non-woven fabric wallpaper
Sep 17, 2018

Non-woven wallpaper posting method similar to wallpaper, you need to use wallpaper adhesive paste. Wallpaper glue, base film, scraping paper, wallpaper knife and other related accessories in the local building materials market easy to buy.

Generally posted wallpaper workers will post, time is not expensive, according to the local market has different, generally 5~15 yuan per square meters, if you have strong hands, posted wallpaper can also try their own, experience DIY fun.

Requirements for the wall surface:

★ Wall Smooth, smooth, clean and dry, recommended to do moisture treatment, in order to replace and avoid polluting the wall.

★ Selection of Mortar + wall powder (local building materials market is sold), the specific adjustment method please refer to the instructions.

★ Non-woven wallpaper without wet water, as long as the wall glue evenly brush on the wall, and then the wall can be.

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