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How to use glutinous rice gum
Sep 17, 2018

1. Prepare the tool clean water, clean barrels, sticky rice glue (2KG) and stirring tools;

2. Pour the glutinous rice gum into a clean bucket;

3. Press 1:1 (2KG:2L) to add 3 times, the first time to add 20% (i.e. 400ML) of water, stirring evenly (One direction);

4. Add 40% (i.e. 800ML) of water for the second time and stir evenly (same direction as above); 

5. Add 40% (i.e. 800ML) of water for the third time, stir evenly (same direction as above step), and modulate to glutinous rice gum thick with wire drawing can be constructed.

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