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Non-woven Wallpaper Categories
Sep 17, 2018

Generally speaking, the wallpaper is divided into: PVC plastic wallpaper, plain paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper is three different concepts of wallpaper.

Pvc. Quite with the surface of the wallpaper is a layer of plastic film.

Waterproof performance is better, can be wiped.

Non-woven wallpaper. China's second largest sales wallpaper after glue noodles wallpaper. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly wallpapers. Its material is made of pure natural cotton hemp fiber through non-woven. In Europe and the United States, the largest sales, the domestic market, Zhejiang Market, non-woven sales have been and rubber surface wallpaper, and the future of non-woven will be the mainstream. In addition, a little knowledge of non-woven is: according to the amount of fiber contained in different, divided into two materials. One, the fiber volume is less than 16%, called non-woven paper, more than 16%, called non-woven fabric.

The higher the more the cloth, such as non-woven green shopping bags.

Plain paper Wallpaper. A, raw wood pulp paper------with raw wood pulp as the material, by beating molding, surface printing.

This kind of wallpaper relative toughness is better, the surface is relatively smooth, the proportion of wavenumber meters is relatively heavy. B, recycled paper------to recyclable materials, by beating, filtration, purification treatment, the type of paper toughness is relatively weak, the surface is more foam or semi-foaming type.

Wavenumber m is relatively light in weight

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