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Features of non-woven fabric wallpaper
Sep 17, 2018

Non-woven wallpaper in the 3 categories of wallpaper breathable is the best, environmental protection is also quite good, its own material is no pollution. This kind of wallpaper in the paste when the glue dry is the fastest, so that will not damp the walls.

There is also an advantage is that the construction is convenient, this may be as the owner experience is not obvious.

After all, the construction workers are doing, but we still have to mention that this kind of wallpaper due to the characteristics of the material, the construction workers as long as the scraper can be scraped, while the other 2 kinds of materials can be scraped 2-3 times wallpaper.

Summary of the advantages of non-woven wallpaper: 0 formaldehyde, good ductility, small shrinkage.

The only thing that can be counted is "high price" a volume of the price: imports in 700 yuan-900 yuan, domestic in 400-600.

★ Unique porous construction, breathable throughout

★ Formaldehyde-free.

★ Waterproof and moisture-proof.

★ Adjust the air humidity.

★ Noise Reduction.

★ Feel affinity to nature.

★ Odor Fragrance.

★ Fiber Yarn Non-woven braided tensile strength stronger. ★ All-in-one non-woven paper produces only carbon dioxide and water when fully burned.

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